A night out with Inside Out

A night out with Inside Out

Last month we headed over to the Arc Agency’s trade show event in Sydney. We ran sampling, handed out goodies, and shared about our quirky products and story to an eclectic mix of interior designers, architects and other people in the industry.

Everyone had two questions: “how on earth do you milk an almond?”, and “how is almond milk related to architecture?” (a.k.a. “what are you doing here?”). We answer the first every day (haha), and as for the second? We were there for the free drinks! In all seriousness we were sampling, educating and bantering non-stop the entire evening, so at least we had to work for them! Besides, almond kernel flooring could be the next big thing in sustainable flooring. Okay maybe I’ve been watching too much Grand Designs…

Thanks to Klara and the team at Arc Agency for the invite. It was so much fun we’ll have to be back!

If you’d like to see us at an event near you, drop us a line at info@insideoutng.com.au


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