About us

Our Story

It all started during one summer selling smoothies at the Bondi and Beaches’ Farmers’ Markets, we were determined to create only fresh and healthy products, but soon realised that there were no quality almond milks available that suited our needs. The existing offerings were highly processed, with poor nutrition and laden with additives, so we decided to create our own. Soon enough, our fresh almond milk became a big hit and it sold out every week!

Since then, we have expanded beyond almond milk to offer a range of 1L non-dairy milks and 350ml flavoured almond milks and cold brew coffees. In the process we have remained committed to producing only high-quality and 100% natural products to create the most delicious almond milk around. No matter how big our business grows, we’ll always do things the right way, with a set of products that will leave you feeling refreshed…Inside and Out!

Why Inside Out?

Great taste

Our dedicated team have worked tirelessly to ensure Inside Out delivers the best tasting non-dairy beverages on the market. Try it for yourself & put us to the test! Baristas are top of mind in our NPD program and we have developed our 1 litre range in conjunction with some of Australia's best.

Clean ingredients

We’re committed to using only premium, clean ingredients, because we respect the fact you’ve committed to putting this in your body. We are non-GMO and 100% natural, with no added sugar, artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives.


After activating and cold pressing our non-dairy milks, we use cold pressure to keep our products safe, while locking in all that we love about fresh non-dairy milks – unbelievable flavour and vital nutrients are what drive this process. We are committed to delivering the highest nutritional non-dairy alternatives on the market.

Aussie Made

Here at Inside Out we only use 100% Australian grown almonds, in our products. We support local growers and farmers and produce all our products in a best-in-class, purpose built facility in Sydney, Australia.


Our products are lactose, gluten, and cholesterol free, vegan and paleo diet friendly. Our clean, cold pressed process snaps in the goodness, the nutrients, and the flavour to ensure you get the best quality product. The result is always a fresh, genuine non-dairy milk, just like it should be!

Environmentally friendly

We minimise our waste and carbon footprint as much as possible. We use highly recyclable PET plastic bottles (from recycled material where possible), have recently eliminated our by-products, and use much less energy in processing than conventional heat pasteurisation.

What our Customers are saying


We have only ever used Inside Out Almond and Coconut milks for all our coffee, chai’s and health drinks. It is pure, unsweetened and doesn’t alter or disguise our high quality coffee beans. It readily brews with all our specialty beverages and even produces a consistent texture for latte art. Customers at Cruise Espresso know and trust the quality and can’t get enough of it. Thank you for an amazing product.

Testimonial Michelle Howlett
Michelle Howlett
Owner, Cruise Espresso

From first seeing Inside Out almond milk at the Bondi Markets in 2013, we recognised the quality and style of the product. From our first taste it quickly became apparent that this almond milk was a step above all others in terms of quality and freshness… We feel chuffed that many cafes now recognise and use the same product that we saw so much potential in.

Testimonial Ed Devlin
Ed Devlin
Founder and Owner, Ruby’s Diner


A Healthy View loves what Inside Out is doing with non-dairy milks. In today’s world of sugar overload it is a real treat to find something as tasty as Inside Out but also nutritionally delicious. I am hoping to see this product inside more school canteens!

Testimonial Michele Chevalley Hedge
Michele Chevalley Hedge
Nutritionist, Health Writer, Presenter, A Healthy View

Inside Out has the most incredible range of diary free milks I have come across. I love this brand as the ingredients are all natural and the texture is perfect. My favourites products are their Almond, Coconut, Almond & Coconut Blend, & Macadamia Milks. I use Inside Out every day in my post work out Breakfast Oats and add a dash of milk to my tea in the morning & afternoon. Their 350mL’s Flavoured Almond Milk is also incredible when I feel like a refreshing drink. I love Ginger Turmeric, Spiced Vanilla, Cold Brew Coffee and Organic Cacao, just to name a few!

Testimonial Amy Sukkar
Amy Sukkar
Creative Wholefoods Blogger @asfoods.fitness

It is great to have the range of Inside Out non-dairy milks to recommend to my clients who have sensitivities to dairy and lactose. It is also a delicious choice for those who don’t have sensitivities but are trying to optimise their health by choosing clean, 100% natural, nutritious ingredients to fuel their body!

Testimonial Courtney Bates
Courtney Bates
Dietitian & Nutritionist, Healthy Bods Nutrition