Charcoal Mango Mint Smoothie

Charcoal Mango Mint Smoothie

Add some freshness into your diet this month with this minty, mango smoothie with activated charcoal as icing on the cake. Filled with tutti-fruity ingredients you can’t say no to this delicious creation!

Recipe is below, ENJOY!




  1. Blend everything together, divide in 2.
  2. Use this for the bottom layer then add activated charcoal to the remaining and blend again for the top layer.


About our creator:


My name is Stacey and making raw vegan treats just makes me happy. Watching family and friends enjoy my treats really inspires me to keep creating easy, healthy, vegan food and i love sharing recipes and tips for those interested.

Thank you for your creation Stacey! Please make sure to check out her Instagram @greenthumbtummy for more recipes!


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