Farm2Fridge: the Inside Out journey

Farm2Fridge: the Inside Out journey

Ever wondered how we milk almonds and get them to your local cafe, health store or grocer? At Inside Out, we work hard to ensure this journey occurs quickly and efficiently, so you get the freshest almond milk (and now, coconut milk) possible! It’s a bit of an adventure… so I’ll jump straight into explaining!

1. Whole almonds

We only source current season almonds, direct from the farmers. At 12%, we have to make sure they’re of the highest quality and taste great.

Almond prices have increased dramatically over the past year. Consequently, you might have seen other brands change their recipes and start using essences, syrups and other filler ingredients – and you can taste the difference.

Inside Out uses far more almonds than almost all other almond milks (that’s a whopping 3-5x most brands). Despite life getting far more expensive for us, we have steadfastly refused to compromise on quality; on our product, and the amount of almonds that we lovingly cold press into each bottle.

2. Almonds activate

Our almonds are then soaked in filtered water for at least 12 hours and then drained the following day.

Yes, we activate our almonds. ‘Nuff said!

3. Cold pressed + pressured

We say no to heat treatment: cold pressing ensures we squeeze all the goodness out of the almonds and cold pressure guarantees it’s safe for consumption.

First, we cold press our almonds before bottling. Cold pressing ensures that we retain the maximum amount of nutrients and minerals possible versus the traditional centrifugal method of making beverages (including non-dairy milks).

After bottling, we cold pressure our bottles to ensure they are safe to consume and distribute! Cold pressure is an amazing technology that evenly applies pressure equivalent to around 5x that of the deep sea to every single bottle. The result is a product that tastes amazing and doesn’t impact nutrition, involves minimal heat-treatment and processing, but lasts long enough to get through in your fridge! How good is that?!

4. Last stop – the shops!

Our fresh almond milk is ready to deliver to your favourite stores and cafes, ready for you to grab!

We’re not going to tell you how to enjoy your Inside Out products – from some of the crazy photos our friends and followers have shared, we know the products are quite versatile!

If you’re looking for stockists, please head to the Find Us tab and check out our product locator. Simply put in your postcode and it will provide your closest stockists and/or users (cafes) of our products.

As always, if you have any questions, get in touch at

Happy living!



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