Frequently Asked Questions

What precautions are you taking in light of COVID-19?

It goes without saying that the safety of our customers and staff is our most important concern. We adhere to the highest standards of food manufacturing and have added further precautions in light of COVID-19.

• If an employee has any symptoms, including a temperature, fever, cough, shortness of breath or a runny nose, they are required to stay home.

• Non-essential staff are not entering Inside Out HQ during this time

• Personal protection equipment has been increased to include face masks, in addition to the usual mandatory laboratory coat, gloves, hair net and beard nets

• Additional hand sanitisers have been introduced throughout the facility

• Our cleaning process adheres to SQF Level 3

What areas are you delivering to?

Delivery available to the full Sydney and Melbourne Metro areas (please use the address checker on our homepage). The team are working hard to accommodate other major cities soon too, so please keep an eye out!

Product Returns

As our milk is fresh, we do not accept returns. If your product arrives defective or damaged, or does not match your order, please give us a call on +61 2 9737 9771 or email us at and we’ll arrange a refund.

What’s the minimum order size?

Products must be ordered in bundles of 6 as a minimum. Aside from that, there are no minimum quantities, but orders below $50 will incur a shipping fee of $10.

What’s the order processing time?

Sydney: 3-5 business days
Melbourne: 5-6 business days

What happens if I can’t be in when you deliver?

Got an esky? Then we recommend leaving one in a safe place and our courier can place the order inside.

How much shelf life will my order have?

We guarantee a minimum of 30 days shelf life on all orders, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy them

Do you have a subscription service?

We are currently working on this option! Although, when it is up and running - you can choose from weekly, fortnightly, or monthly drops! Place an order once, Inside out goodies will arrive automatically at your chosen frequency!

Can I cancel my order?

To allow us to deliver so quickly, our team needs to get to work straight away, so unfortunately you can’t cancel any one-time orders, but you can cancel or amend your subscription at any time

How can I contact you about my order?

If we haven’t answered your question with the info above, then please give our friendly team a call on +61 2 9737 9771 or email us at and tell them to 1. Work on more extensive FAQs 😉 and then 2. Let them know your question.

Where do your almonds come from?

We source premium quality almonds from Australian growers.

Are they non-GMO and organic?

They are non- GMO but are not organic.

Do you activate your almonds?

Sure do.

What percentage of almonds do you use in your almond milk?

A whopping 11% which is the highest proportion of any leading Almond Milk brand on the market. We also use whole Aussie almonds, including the skin.

What about the ‘flavouring’?

Our food technology team work with our ingredient partners to extract the essential oils from the actual ingredient itself to develop our natural flavours. They are 100% natural.

What is the difference between your Unsweetened and Original varieties ?

In our Original products, we use a 100% natural sweetener called Natvia. It’s extracted from the Stevia plant, is low GI and only 0.4 calories per serving. We are huge fans of this product! Visit their website at

Why do you use Gellan Gum?

We use Gellan Gum in our products to prevent fat and protein coagulation. It is a 100% natural ingredient.

Why do you add salt?

Since we keep the almond skins on during production, we add a tiny bit of salt to lift the flavour!

Do your products contain Carrageenan?

No, our products do not contain Carrageenan.

Is your almond milk raw?

There is still debate as to whether pressurised products are raw, and we are therefore not willing to commit one way or the other on this issue yet. What we can categorically state is that
1) our products are made safely through cold-pressure treatment (no heat at all), and that
2) our products are the freshest and best tasting ones on the market.

Isn’t raw more nutritious?

First, with raw products there is no guarantee that they are safe to consume. Raw almonds in particular, are susceptible to harbouring salmonella. Raw almonds are becoming such a hot topic in food contamination that the Australian Almond Board at its Board of Management meeting unanimously supported the mandatory pasteurisation of almond products sold on the Australian market

Secondly, due to the use of high pressure processing (HPP) in our manufacturing process, our almond milk carries all the nutritional benefits of its raw form while lasting longer and also being 100% safe to consume, so whichever way you look at it, you and your regulars win!

What is High Pressure Processing (HPP)?

HPP destroys all the potential nasties contained in the raw product without heat and without compromising the nutrients, flavouring or texture of the product. It tastes like it’s homemade, lasts longer, and is 100% safe to consume.

So, Inside Out products are Cold Pressed.. what is that exactly?

Cold pressing is the method which we extract and produce the milk from our raw ingredient. It essentially means we can extract the juices/milk from the nuts with little to no use of heat.

Speaking of homemade, why don’t I just make it home?

Well we won’t stop you! But once you decide to give it a crack, you will realise it takes a fair while to make the product from scratch, and after you’ve done all the hard work to make it, you have to clean everything up and then you only have 3-4 days to consume it! So we do the hard work for you and give you the shelf life you need to consume at your own pace. A definite win-win situation.

So are the UHT almond milks bad for you?

We are sure they carry some nutritional value but the facts are that: UHT cooks the almond milk at such a high temperature that it damages the nutrient profile, flavour and texture of the milk; To repair the damage, many brands fortify their product with vitamins, minerals, stabilisers and emulsifiers; They have many more ingredients than we do; UHT milks sit on the shelf for up to one year before someone comes along and buys it. Seems gross right?

Where is it made?

Our production site is located in Silverwater, NSW, AUSTRALIA

What are the health benefits of ‘Activated Almonds’?

Health Beneficial’s claim that soaking almonds in water for a certain amount of time help activate the full nutritional health benefits of almonds, although there is no proven evidence to support this claim.

Is it lactose free?

Inside Out products are 100% lactose free.

And gluten free?

Lucky for you, our products are also 100% gluten free.

And… Cholesterol free?


Are there any artificial additives or preservatives?

Of course NOT! A big no. It is 100% natural.

Is it safe for pregnant/ lactating women?

Pressurisation ensures it’s a safe product for everyone to consume but you should always consult your doctor before you try something new

It’s a little high in fat. Why is that?

It’s high in your heart-healthy good fats. What you should be looking out for are saturated or bad fats. We only have 0.8g of saturated fat per serve – a negligible amount.

Is it safe for diabetics?

We think it is but we are not currently qualified to tell you that. To be sure, ask your doctor.

Where is your almond milk stocked?

The majority of our stockists are in Sydney and Melbourne. We are working around the clock to make our products as accessible as possible and recently have started supplying to regional NSW and VIC areas, as well as Tasmania, Queensland, ACT and South Australia. For a full list of stockists and cafes, please email our customer service team

I want your milks stocked at my favourite store. How do I suggest to them they carry it?

Visit your local store and request to speak to the person in charge. You can suggest they reach out to our customer service team who can be contacted at

Hmm…it’s a little expensive…

We work very very hard to make our product as affordable as possible. Considering that almond aren’t exactly cheap and that we use an abnormally large percentage of WHOLE almonds (11% - not almond butter, paste or meal), couple that with our state of the art high pressure processing production line, you will start to see the price is very reasonable!

How can I use your almond milk?

Pretty much anything you use dairy milk with, you can with our almond milk. Two of our favourites are tapioca pudding and quinoa porridge. More traditional ways to include almond milk in your daily dietary regime is to have it in smoothies, coffee (it froths amazingly well), cereal, muesli, or just on its own. When we eventually have a recipe page up, please, download and print.

Can I drink it after the Used By Date?

Um, we definitely don’t recommend it.

Can I freeze it?

We don't recommended it because it’ll change the consistency of the product.

How long will it last once opened?

Typically our milk will last up to 72hrs once opened, if stored below 4 degrees.

How do I store your almond milk?

Please please please keep it refrigerated below 4 degrees Celsius at all times!

Why don’t you use glass bottles?

We've thought long and hard about this. Plastic bottles are actually a much better choice than glass for us for several reasons:
• Plastic is a lot lighter than glass, meaning that less energy (and carbon) is consumed in producing and delivering each bottle
• Plastic uses much less energy than glass to be recycled
• The way we kill the nasties in our process is with Cold Pressure or HPP, and the demands of that process require that we use plastic bottles

Also, are your plastic bottles BPA free?

Of course, the plastic bottles that we use are 100% BPA free. Also, our 350ml bottles are made from 50% recycled materials. Sustainability is something we take very seriously.