Our cartons have a 63% share of renewable material. In short, it’s mostly made from plants, which absorb CO2 and reduce our climate impact!


This carton is made from paperboard, which is sourced from FSC® certified forests. Basically, every tree that’s used gets replaced to protect our forests!

Fresh Range

Sustainability is something we take very seriously at Inside Out, particularly with regards to plastic usage. All our bottles are recyclable from the top to the bottom, so make sure you pop them in the right bin.

And it goes without saying that they’re also 100% BPA free! Our 350ml bottles are even made from 50% recycled materials. ‘What about a glass bottle instead?’ we hear you say. Well we’ve thought long and hard about this one. Plastic is a lot lighter than glass, meaning that less energy (and carbon) is consumed in producing and delivering each bottle. Also, plastic uses much less energy than glass to be recycled.

Ok, and what about cartons then?’ Our brand mission has always been to deliver transparency, that’s why it’s important that you can see exactly what you’re drinking. But we still know that lots of you prefer cartons, from a sustainability

Aussie Almonds & Oats!

Yep, that’s right! We use Australian almonds and oats in all of our products. We’ve never used anything else! It might not sound like a big deal, but to us, supporting local is a huge deal!

Non-Dairy Milk Footprint

Taking a bigger, world view on the sustainability piece, it has been reliably researched that the creation of non-dairy milk has a lower carbon footprint than our unfortunately gassy, dairy counterparts.

It also uses much less water to produce the same amount of dairy milk, compared to non-dairy milk (but results can differ by grower). This isn’t something you’ll see us comment on too much, because we’re not staunchly against dairy milk, Inside Out is just about giving everyone a choice (but hey, you have come to the sustainability part of our website, so we guess you’re kinda interested)!