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Original Almond Milk 1L (Pack of 6)



This was the first product we ever created! At the time, it was a first-to-market raw, homemade almond milk sold to loyal farmers’ marekts customers in Sydney! To this day, we still use only whole, premium, activated Aussie almonds, and absolutely no artificial substitutes! We’ve come a long way and remain true to the philospohies that launched our brand and company back in 2014.


Almond Milk (98%) [Filtered Water, Activated Almonds (11%)], Natural Sweetener (Erythritol & Steviol Glycosides), Vegetable Gum (Gellan), Sea Salt.

*Contains naturally occurring sugars
Not suitable as a complete milk replacement for children under 5 years.

Allergen: Contains Almonds.
May contain Tree Nuts, Soy, and Gluten (Oats product).

Nutritional Information

Servings per package: 4
Serving size: 250mL
per serve
per 100mL
372 kJ
149 kJ
3.7 g
1.5 g
Fat, total
7.6 g
3.0 g
0.7 g
0.3 g
Not detected
Not detected
Carbohydrates, total
1.2 g
0.5 g
1.2 g
0.5 g
Not detected
Not detected
77 mg
31 mg