When you’ve just finished uni, and don’t want a ‘serious’ job just yet, the obvious choice is to have some fun selling juice and smoothies at the local farmers’ markets…right? Well, that’s how Inside Out was started!

We knew from the beginning that we wanted to use almond milk instead of dairy or soy. We could tell you that it was because we were spot on with our knowledge around gut health, lactose intolerance, veganism, environmental impacts (the list goes on)… but in reality, we just knew that we wanted to create natural, healthy products, that were that bit different to our fellow market stall rivals.

When we visited the local supermarket to pick up some almond milk, they were all highly processed, with hardly any almonds, poor nutrition, and laden with ingredients that we couldn’t even pronounce! This is why we decided to make the almond milk ourselves in mum and dad’s kitchen. Using an abnormally high percentage of whole almonds, we set to work on our unadulterated, homemade recipe and ‘the punters’ loved it! We started bottling and selling the almond milk on its own and were selling out in 15 minutes! It was at this point that we knew we’d found the recipe and philosophy that would always sit at the heart of our values today, the idea is simple: just make products how they’re supposed to be made.

Fast forward 7 years and there’s a whole team of us still dodging those ‘serious’ jobs. We have expanded beyond almond milk to offer a wide range of refreshing 1L non-dairy milks to take home, 350mL flavoured almond milks to have on-the-go, and snacks to satisfy your mid-afternoon cravings (coming soon!).

In the process we’ve remained committed to doing things the right way and will maintain that in the most uncompromising way. We’ll source anything we can from local farmers and support them, we’ll listen to what products YOU want and make them how they should be made, we’ll celebrate our Australian identity and culture, and most importantly we’ll always remain transparent and honest with you. Even if we ever become a big company, we promise we won’t act like one.